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Greetings and welcome! Let's put excess introductions aside and get on with what's different and what still needs to be cleaned up in the group.
    :new: Mailboxes
--- It is no longer possible to get an address unless you have a mailbox set up. Both of these things don't take long to do at all so I believe it's fair? This is just to prevent the past cases of mail being sent but there being no mailbox to deliver to.
There should be no rush to update your house sheet right now *cough* i wonder why BUT... Let's send in mailboxes, eh? They're kind of mandatory. It's also super easy. The mail journal has been updated with a link to a visual guide if you don't get st.ash.
    :new: Event prizes are to be converted into bits.
Bits and event prizes have been tallied - you can see how many you have HERE !! Feel free to update your inventory sheets to remove event prizes, as well as write down your bits in the description. If you think there's been a mistake, do tell.
Also reminder that new villagers' starting bits is 1000 (if you dont see your villager listed it's probably cuz they had 1k). The users listed at the top of that file get to start out with 1500 (tho two of them i might have missed somewhere).
As for economy and game balance - there will likely be a special expensive item available for a limited time once the reboot is officially begun.

Alas, if you have any and they're in your inventory, you'll have to remove them and convert to bits. We have yet to decide on a specific amount per item though. The reason for doing this is due to cleanliness and organization, as well as some items needing to be redone to go with the updates. Some or most will likely return in future events though!
This brings up an important question. Many members have a large amount of bits and for balance purposes we need to... make that number smaller. We don't want to erase it all outright but we were curious how you yourselves feel about it. We have an idea or two but it'd help to know your stance.

    :new: Moving Out procedures.
--- Items and bits earned up to this point are member-locked. Meaning that if you're switching characters for the reboot, you get to keep your original villager's stuff for your new one. Normally though, items and bits are character-locked and switching will mean you have to start from scratch (of course, switching back to the old character would mean getting to their stuff).

Firstly, this is the only activity check we ever do. We just needed a semi-clean slate to make setting up easier.

Secondly, the current process is how we'll handle character switches and members leaving from now on.
- The only deviation that is removed from the group gallery is the House sheet. Consequently, the villager loses their house and address. If they had a child rooming with them, the child loses their home too. If it's a child moving, the adult can let someone else move in instead.
- Villager ID is placed in "Moved" subfolder. The same thing is done everywhere else that lists villagers - they get placed in a "Moved" category.
- Nothing else is touched. Some sheets might also become deemed as to be removed or placed in a special category but nothing right now.
Hobbies have now become a driving force in the group. It can be a bit confusing? Here's the link to the journal again. Point is though, existing members may change or edit their hobbies due to these updates if they wish to.
    Submitting art no longer awards bits.
You might have suspected as much seeing as the resident overview hasn't been updated since November of 2013. Thus, it is from that point on that the submissions got no money for their artists. The only exception would be if an event did/does it as an incentive. Mostly, it's just something that isn't needed anymore due to features being introduced ASAP this time.
    Journals have been updated.
Most have. We'd like to ask you to check the journals
- File City guide
- Residents
- Settling in, Below age of 18
to make sure no villager was lost or shuffled wrong.

This leads to the next point.
    Item gathering folder is now the Skill Usage folder.
It can't be completed without super group status for now but it'll contain subfolders for most skills and the subfolders will be the place that has step-by-step instructions on using them. The submissions that were there previously still remain, they just don't get sorted into any subfolder and don't award any experience points.
    We'll let you know if there's anything else.
Thank you for reading!
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rainfinch Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this still going on? Or has it died?
Crazy-Leen Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well... it's sad to see the group... jsut died.... So I'm gonna leave for now <:/
Maybe someday it'll be revived? Would be amazing, since I was looking really forward to this. Here's to hoping
Luckoon Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So like, I know everyone is really busy and this group kinda died, but.. what are we waiting for exactly ;v; to get the group started up that is
AWonderfullNightmare Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
This group is still open.... right?
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forgot this was a thing, still need to work on a character
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